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BROOKLYN —Jason Kidd was not in the building when the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks met for the first time ever at Barclays Center on Monday night. Dealing with back spasms, Kidd couldn’t make the trip across the bridge.

But Deron Williams was there, and he had a little Kidd in his game on this night, leading the Nets to a 96-89 overtime victory with a season-high 14 assists.

Williams admired Kidd growing up in Dallas, and when it comes to size and strength at the point guard position, there’s certainly a comparison to be made. But skill-wise, they’re pretty different. And when it comes to making brilliant, how-did-he-see-that-angle passes that set up teammates for easy buckets, nobody in the post-Magic era compares to Kidd.

On Monday, though, Williams had that (no pun intended) magic in his hands.

When he needs to shoot the ball, those…

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Truly talented Guy

Puppet Master, talented guy, great puppet play

Spotify Secret. Spotify is launching a new Service in December.


In the post-FM era of streaming music, anyone can be a DJ. Spotify wants to provide the audience. That’s why, industry sources confirm, Spotify will launch an enhanced influencer following system at simultaneous events in New York and London on December 6th. Spotify will start recommending you follow expert listeners, celebrities, and big name artists. It’ll even have a superstar musician on hand at the event(s).

In September I broke the news that Spotify was planning to launch a browser-based version of its desktop software, as well as a total revamp of its discovery system centered around influencers. Seems those are both correct.

Last week The Verge learned that Spotify had just begun testing this new browser version; you can check out my review here. Then in a few weeks at Spotify’s dual “Discover What’s Next” events we’ll get the influencer component. It sounds like a great idea and…

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Facebook Mobile, Social Calling Service. Nice. Next Gen Social Media


Facebook Phone it may not be, but today we have one more example of how users will be able to use Facebook on their phones — and in place of traditional phone services. Today, multinational French carrier Orange announced that it would offer “Party Call,” a “social calling” service on the social network. Available on both mobile and desktop versions of the social network, users will be able to call each other, and make “group calls”, without needing to know or use each other’s mobile numbers to do it.

The deal was announced at Hello, and innovation event organized by Orange owner France Telecom. Party Call was described by the carrier today as “A partnership with Facebook, to introduce more communication tools into social networks, with a first public teleconference service coming in summer 2013.”

Orange will power the service, which it will run in conjunction with Orange’s new IP-based…

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If not, christmas would be lost this year 😦


Google says that it will soon bring December back to Android 4.2. Google’s latest version of its mobile operating system shipped with a rather embarrassing oversight: December is missing from the date picker in the People app, making it rather hard to enter birthdays and other dates. While December is prominently featured in the calendar, it’s missing from on of the central apps in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

In a post to the Android Google+ feed, Google just acknowledge the bug and promised to release a fix soon:

We discovered a bug in the Android 4.2 update, which makes it impossible to enter December events in optional fields of the People app (this bug did not affect Calendar). Rest assured, this will be fixed soon so that those of you with December birthdays and anniversaries won’t be forgotten by your friends and family.

It took Google surprisingly long…

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The 20 best players never to play in the NBA

Blackberry 10 Device leaked at a Lakers Game


If you were wondering what the opposite of Apple secrecy is, look no further than RIM.

In what was clearly a staged PR stunt disguised as a leak, CEO Thorsten Heins and Vice President Andrew Bocking were spotted at a Lakers game openly using, not just carrying, what appear to be BlackBerry 10 devices. As in, waving them around and taking pictures while professional-grade cameras and lenses surrounded them.

As if we’re supposed to believe that Heins could be absentminded enough to accidentally leak products this way. And then there’s the question of a sports or celebrity gossip photographer caring enough to capture new BlackBerry 10 devices, if they even know to expect them.

If you recall, RIM plans to launch BlackBerry 10 handsets in February 2013, after enough delays for us to slowly stop caring. This means the Canadian firm must work harder to regain top of mind…

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Charles Barkley, Ernie, Inside, NBA, Gangnam Style, Sir Charles

Charles Barkley - Official Website

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The crew does some Gangnam Style.

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Siri to the Mac? Sounds like a good idea. Can´t wait to test it…


A new report this morning from 9to5Mac claims that Apple will be delivering a couple of very interesting features to the desktop, in a move that continues the trend of making its traditional computers more closely resemble its iOS-based devices withe every release of OS X. “Reliable sources” told the blog that early builds of OS X 10.9 include Siri voice commands, and hints that Maps could arrive on Macs, too.

Siri made its way to iPads in iOS 6, and Dictation recently arrived on Mac hardware courtesy of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. Siri coming to the desktop would be a next logical step, especially as Apple continues to make efforts to improve its accuracy and build out its feature set. As with any service that gets better with use, more widespread availability is a logical goal, once you’re certain you can address scaling issues. Apple is building out…

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Find your freelance job

TechCrunch, the job outsourcing and freelance IT worker marketplace, has made another acquisition: it has bought vWorker, a job site for freelance coders and other tech professionals. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed but TechCrunch has heard from a source that it is in the region of millions of dollars. vWorker was formerly known as RentACoder, and is said to be the fourth-biggest IT recruitment marketplace of its kind globally, with 2.5 million enterprise and professional users from around the world, and altogether processing $139 million from 1.3 million projects.

The deal is a sign of ongoing consolidation in the area of online freelance IT recruitment: it follows another acquisition made in July 2012, when bought the world’s fifth-largest IT marketplace, Scriptlance.

Together with vWorker, now has 6.6 million IT and tech professionals on its books globally covering some 600 categories of IT-related work…

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