The new angry birds, Escape from Hoth is out now !!!


A new update out today for Angry Birds Star Wars adds 20 new levels to the game for free, via the new Escape From Hoth content pack. It brings new types of enemies via the “mynock pigs,” and adds another boss fight into the mix as well as new bonus levels. I don’t know how close to canon this is, but it looks like fun and it’s a free extension of Angry Birds gameplay.

The update is available for iOS and Android versions of the game currently, though it doesn’t appear to have percolated to the Windows Phone or BlackBerry app marketplaces yet. If you’re like me, this probably means that at least part of this afternoon is a write-off. Why can’t you exclusively drop these updates late in the day on Friday, Rovio?

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Superbowl 2013 Fun Highlights

Only a few days left to go until this years Superbowl.

Facebook Breaks 🙂


“People don’t take smoke breaks anymore — they take Facebook breaks.” Now, there’s a beauty that I heard this afternoon at the IBM Connect event here in Orlando.

You can blame it on the digital natives — the young ones who feed their activity streams to network and create their digital personas. For them, it’s not so unusual. It actually makes a lot of sense considering how data is changing who we are and what we represent.

Welcome to the second-person workplace, where a person is becoming a double of themselves. They live and work, and while they do their online persona is engaging, too. And we take breaks to feed that double identity.

Mark Fidelman of and a writer for Forbes moderated the discussion during which this topic of the new smoke break surfaced. The talk focused on the need for people to engage in social tech. It’s universal here at…

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